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Pink Apple Sculpture by Lisa Pappon - Indoor/Outdoor (Medium Plus Sixpack)


The apple, symbol of the Earth, of life itself, of knowledge and of sensuality, Ishtar’s pome, fruit of the Hesperides and of Avalon, has expressed emotion, inspiration and ideas since the dawn of time. A reward to the beautiful and the heroic, a badge of authority and a source of magic, myriad cultures have associated these attributes with the apple and as such the fruit has adorned human art throughout the ages. BULL & STEIN, too, have taken this food of mind and body as the inspiration for their ceramic apple sculptures. Shimmering glaze, heady lapis-lazuli, the lustre of gold and elegance of silver evoke the ceramic fruit’s natural beauty in untold variety. BULL & STEIN ceramic apple sculptures today grace collections and museums or simply beautiful rooms in all corners of the globe.

Exclusively for BULL&STEIN, Lisa Pappon, artist and designer from São Paulo / Brazil, creates inimitable ceramic apple sculptures as a universal symbol reflecting desire and voluptuousness. The artist utilizes nature’s gifts such as clay, organic pigments and precious stones, gold or silver. She reinterprets nature’s mystic fruit in oversized exaggerated ceramic apple sculptures up to 150 cm in diametre (60 inch). In her work, Lisa Pappon has long sought an icon that unites all peoples regardless of their origin. The apple is a symbol that spans the globe and has recurred in the most remote and diverse cultures for millennia. Lisa Pappon has realized her cultural vision in the form of giant ceramic apple sculptures.

Lisa Pappon lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

Surreal, Lisa Pappon’s velvet-matte sculpture apples stand between heaven and earth. Select natural pigments of finest quality are the basis for handmade colours such as porcelain white, lapis-lazuli blue or the ultimate black, and carry the sculptures away from human realm to far and distant grounds of mystery. These magical colours dissipate dreams in oblivion and take them to a timeless dimension. Irresistible and mesmerizing, sheer potence of nature‘s gifts!



Product: Pink Apple  Medium Plus Sixpack
Dimensions: Ø 13 cm | H 11 cm | 3 kg

Material: Portuguese faience, indoor

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